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Why Reyburn CyberTuner for iOS?

The best tuning technology...

RCT empowers professional Piano Technicians to do the highest quality tuning in the shortest amount of time. Because all of the strings on a piano are connected to each other through the bridge, adjusting the pitch on any string changes the pitch of its neighboring strings. Only RCT takes this into account and using our patented system attains an expert aural quality tuning in just one tuning pass from up to 15 to 20 cents from standard pitch.

From small inexpensive home pianos to 9 foot concert grands, iRCT is right at home. iRCT includes a new Octave Tuning Style "S", especially optimized to calculate the best possible tuning for short scale pianos such as spinets and small grands. iRCT has a "Concert Tune Mode" with a razor sharp display that is omptimized for 7 and 9 foot performance instruments.

iRCT's expert system uses aural tuning principles to create the best possible tuning for each instrument.

iRCT is the champ at rejecting noise while tuning. No other tuning option gives the ability to tune quickly and easily while retaining accuracy in any situation.

With iRCT you're always calibrated to A440. iRCT uses unique technology to calibrate over the internet to "CyberCloud" which keep you on pitch for every piano!

Combined with best interface...

We've streamlined iRCT's interface using the iOS paradigm with feedback and testing from 17 of the best piano technicians in the world.

iRCT's interface is very simple to use for the beginning tuner and easily provides a more advanced tuner many tools to customize the software for his or her preferences.

And the best platform...

The power and portability of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, coupled with the hi-res screens and elegantly designed harware from the premiere computer company in the world make Apple iOS the best platform we have ever had for Reyburn CyberTuner.

And don't forget, the best support...

Our support team of six RPT's on three continents is ready to answer your questions in 7 languages; Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Japanese, Nederlands & Norsk. All support persons are RCT experts, working piano tuners and Registered Piano Technicians with the Piano Technicians Guild.

Check out our professionally written 24 page manual on the iRCT support page and our numerous YouTube videos. After purchasing a copy of iRCT, you'll find contextual help for almost every window.

But you don't have to take our word for it...

Reyburn CyberTuner Users Say...