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Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.

o Who Are We?

Reyburn Piano Service, Inc. has developed specialized software for the piano service business since 1983.

Dean, Nate, Carl, Fred, Dave and all RCT support personal and teachers are "RPT," Registered Piano Technician members of the Piano Technicians Guild and full time piano tuner-technicians with many years of professional tuning experience.

Mission Statement
RPS, Inc.'s goal is to to raise the global standard for piano service by providing the professional piano technician with the best productivity enhancing tuning tools.

Dean Reyburn, RPT
Dean Reyburn passed his RPT exams in 1978 and has 35+ years tuning experience. He has served on the PTG Examinations and Test Standards Committee since 1996 and acts as Advisor and CTE skill reviewer. Dean has 12 years experience as concert tuner for the Grand Rapids Symphony and DeVos Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was the technician for the local Steinway and Yamaha dealers for many years and tuned for numerous concert and popular music artists. Dean attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago from 1976 to 1978 where he majored in electronics and learned piano technology from Virgil Smith, RPT and Robert Carbaugh (and met his wife Marty). Dean is a self-taught Software Engineer with 30 years experience programming in more languages and computer platforms than he'll admit. He enjoys rollerblading, tennis and biking in his spare time.

Nate Reyburn, RPT
Nate trained in piano technology both with Dean (his dad) and is a graduate of the prestigious North Bennet Street School two year Piano Technology course in Boston Massachusetts, and passed his RPT exams in 2008. Nate's passions are not only for piano tech but for making tools for the trade, including the Reyburn Rigid tuning hammer and the Reyburn CyberHammer, the industry's finest impact tuning hammer. Nate constructs the PTG's Golden Tuning Hammer award starting in 2013, the highest PTG award given. Nate, his wife Bethann and three daughters live in Kent City, Michigan where he tunes, repairs and rebuilds pianos. Nate and Bethann enjoy paintball, hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor sports.

Noah Reyburn
Noah trained in piano tuning briefly with Dean (his dad) but decided instead to spend 4 years serving in the US Marine Corps where he spent two tours in Iraq and attained the rank of Sergeant. Noah graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude in 2013 (and a minor in Computer Science). Noah currently works full time as an Electrical Engineer in Weidman Michigan where he lives with his wife and son Lawson. Noah is responsible for programming maintenance and upgrades on the "CyberCloud" which is used to register users and improve performance and reliability of CyberTuner software.

Andrew Reyburn
Andrew was trained from a very young age in repairing computers and has a great interest in computer networking. Andrew graduated from Ferris State University in 2014 with an Associates degree in Computer Networking with a minor in Computer Science, he is currently working for a wireless networking company and pursuing his Bachelors degree in Computer Networking. Andrew has worked for Dean (his dad) as apprentice software engineer, upgrading CyberTuner for iOS code to keep it running on the latest iOS versions and hardware. Andrew often helps at the PTG national convention exhibit booth.

Carl Lieberman, RPT
Carl has been a piano technician in Los Angeles since 1972, passed his RPT exams in 1979 and has 38 years tuning experience. He studied aural tuning with David Safir and learned repair, regulation and voicing skills in David's shop at Pianos Wholesale. Carl tuned aurally only until 1981 and has been integrating both aural and electronic tuning since taking an ear opening class from Steve Fairchild. He studied math and computers eons ago at UC Berkeley and is a member of the Reyburn CyberTuner Development Team. He has worked for 3 local Yamaha dealers and has tuned f or countless concerts and recording sessions.

David Lamoreaux, RPT
Dave has been a Registered Piano Technician member Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) since 1976 and an instructor at PTG International Convention Technical Institutes. Dave is a specialist in historical tuning patterns (temperaments) and tunes/services pianos built since 1830 in Smithsonian Institution Musical Instrument collection including the Piano 300 exhibit. Dave is also concert tuner-technician at several venues throughout Washington DC area and has colloborated on over a dozen CD recordings as tuner-technician including a Grammy nominated (Best Chamber Music category) recording of Brahms and Schumann works for Piano and Cello performed by Lambert Orkis, pianist, Anner Bylsma, cellist. Sony Classical SK 68249 (Paderewski Steinway piano from Smithsonian Collection tuned with RCT using Best Broadwood well temperament of 1885).
Dave and his wife Nancy live in Silver Springs Maryland

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