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Important: RCT for Windows and Mac laptops is legacy software which we no longer sell, but for which we still provide free online (only) support on this web page. No further email, phone support or updates will be available for this product.

We recommend moving to our newer CyberTuner for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as soon as possible. If you have a laptop hardware failure, that's the perfect time to move up to "iRCT". Please see Question 1 below.

o 1. What is the future for RCT on on Windows and MacOS X?

If you are concerned about the long term, we recommend moving to our new iRCT, or CyberTuner for Apple iOS. iRCT runs on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. If you need a larger screen, iPad have screen sizes from 7" to 13" and are a great choice. If you don't need a phone and/or are on a budget, an iPod touch costs $149 to $199 with no contract. iOS device batteries last from one day to several days tuning, far longer than any laptop. We don't expect any further development or new features for RCT for Windows or Macintosh. Since hardware and operating system advances are out of our controla we can not guarantee any RCT version will run on future laptops or Windows or Mac systems. All current and future development is concentrated on the Apple iOS platform.

Interested in running CyberTuner on a tablet computer? We recommend our new iRCT since Apple iPads are 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a compatible Windows tablet, and the battery on an iPad will last at several times as long.

Contact us for a special iRCT offer for RCT Mac/Win users.

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o 2. What are the support options available for RCT for Windows or MacOS X?

This web page is the only support available. Email / phone support is no longer available.

o 3. I need to move RCT to a new laptop computer, repair my old RCT computer, or upgrade my Windows OS or MacOS X version. What steps should I take to prepare?

As noted in the RCT manual and RCT support page, you should always uninstall SoftKey before repairing your old computer, or installing a new version of Windows or MacOS X. Here's how:

1. Uninstall SoftKey by starting RCT and tapping the Edit menu.

Tap SoftKey menu, then tap the Uninstall button. If the Uninstall button is not available you may need to reinstall RCT and the Wibu Key installer.

If you have an older RCT version please note we no longer sell upgrades for RCT Mac/Win. If you're upgrading hardware we recommend purchasing a new iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and move to iRCT, CyberTuner for Apple iOS.

o 4. I installed RCT on a new computer and it won't run. What do I do?

Older RCT versions may not run on newer systems. No RCT Mac/Win version is not supported on Windows 8, 9 or 10 or later, or MacOS X 10.9 or later. RCT software may not be compatible with hardware or operating system released after that version of RCT was released. Later Windows hardware is not compatible with RCT 4.x for several reasons including A440 calibration issues.

See FAQ #6 below for system requirements for specific RCT versions.

Please note we no longer provide upgrades for RCT Mac/Win. We recommend moving to CyberTuner for Apple iOS instead.

o 5. My RCT copy has an LPT (25 pin) printer port SentinelKey. My new Windows computer doesn't have this port. What do I do?

CyberTuner with an LPT SentinelKey requires a compatible computer with an actual hardware LPT port. An LPT emulator or LPT to USB port convertor will not work.

Please note we are not able to supply new SentinelKeys for RCT Mac/Win. We recommend moving to CyberTuner for Apple iOS instead.

o 6. What are the system & hardware requirements for the various versions of Reyburn CyberTuner for Mac and Windows?

CyberTuner for Windows or MacOS X requires a microphone and USB port (or other port compatible with your SentinelKey).

RCT Windows version 5.3.1f1:
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (Note: Windows 8, 9, 10 and later are not supported by any version).

Compatibility of older major versions:
RCT 4.x: Windows 2000, XP and Vista. (note: Some Windows hardware released after Vista may not be compatible with RCT 4.x even with 2000/XP/Vista installed).
RCT 3.5x: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP. (no longer supported)
RCT 3.0x: Windows 95, 98 & NT. (no longer supported)
Note: We no longer sell or provide upgrades for RCT for Windows, free tech support is still available on this page, personal tech support is available for purchase.

RCT MacOS X version 5.5.0f1
MacOS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 Intel cpu only. (Note: 10.9 and later are not supported by any version).

Compatibility of older major versions:
RCT 5.3: MacOS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 Intel or PowerPC.
RCT 5.0x: MacOS X 10.5, 10.6 Intel or PowerPC.
RCT 4.6: MacOS X 10.4, 10.5 Intel or PowerPC.
RCT 4.0~4.3x: MacOS X 10.4, Intel or PowerPC.
RCT 3.0x~3.5x: Mac Classic 8.x and 9.x (no longer supported)
RCT 1.0~2.0x: Mac Classic 7.x and 8.x (no longer supported)
Note: We no longer sell or provide upgrades for RCT for Mac, free tech support is still available on this page, personal tech support is available for purchase.

o 7. When I install RCT on a new computer it says "This SentinelKey is locked to another computer....". How do I fix this?

The simplest way to fix this yourself is to restore your old computer to original condition (same OS and RCT version as last time you ran RCT) and try unlocking SentinelKey again.

Please note you are able to unlock your SentinelKey quickly and easily by yourself in almost all cases. Even if your computer failed you can unlock the SentinelKey yourself by restoring the computer to the condition when RCT last ran correctly. Typically this means repairing the issue with the old computer or hard drive, reinstalling the original operating system, then reinstalling RCT. If your screen is not working correctly, most computers can attach an external monitor. Uninstalling SoftKey will avoid further complications and time spent.

o 8. What items do I need to install RCT on a new computer?

1. A functioning and compatible computer which has a built-in port for the SentinelKey, and slot for the installer media (CD, SD or floppy disk). See FAQ #6 above for system requirements.

2. RCT 4.0 or later requires a 10 digit activation code (not needed for RCT 3.5 or older). This code was emailed, is on your paper receipt, and is on the hang tage on your SentinelKey.

3. A copy of the RCT installer either on CD, SD card or other media, or a backup from a download. We can not supply downloads for older versions and we don't ship any CD/SD media.

4. Your SentinelKey (LPT or USB). Note if you have an LPT SentinelKey, your computer must have a built-in LPT port, LPT port emulators or convertors will not work. See FAQ #5 above for details.

o Reyburn CyberTuner Macintosh & Windows PDF documentation

Download RCT 5 Mac-Win What's New (English, 2 pages)
download (about 100k)

Download RCT 5 Getting Started Manual (English, 12 pages)
download (about 600k)

Download RCT User Manual for RCT Mac/Win (English, 138 pages)
download (about 1.3mb)

Download RCT 5 Mac-Win Calibration instructions (English, 2 pages)
download (about 200k)

The above manuals an be read on any computer with the free Adobe Acrobat reader program. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader for any computer.

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