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iRCT is
Reyburn CyberTuner on your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

iOS CyberEar

iRCT is computer software that transforms an Apple iOS hand-held computer into the most advanced visual piano tuning device available.

The latest iRCT version has a number of recently added new features.

CyberTuner - Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.

Why is Reyburn CyberTuner the visual tuning device preferred by so many professional piano tuners?

New for iRCT v8.1; AI Mode!
For complete instructions on how to use AI mode see: AI Mode instructions.

AI Mode takes a Chameleon calculated tuning and adds 12 to 30 further samples in CyberEar to produce the best possible tuning for that piano that it can. The improvements are made with aural tuning principles using virtual direct interval tuning with up to 42 iterations. Imaging going through your aural temperament sequence 8 or 10 times, up 42 times!? AI mode typically does at least 1200 aural interval checks, or on some pianos up to about 6000 checks all in under one second.

Tunings produced by AI Mode will challenge even the best aural tuner to improve it further.

AI Mode is a FREE upgrade for all CyberTuner users, included in the latest iOS App Store download.

CyberTuner's new "AI Mode" in action. 12 to 30 notes in the midrange are sampled and retuned by CyberEar's new "AI". Green Tune cents indicates the note has been improved, green and yellow dots above the keyboard shows the sample process. Samples can be taken while tuning during or after the final pass.
[iCh3 advanced]
After AI recalculates a tuning you have the option to view a graph of the tuning. The black dots are the original Chameleon tuning, the green dots are the improvements. A Yamaha GH1 is shown. If you've ever tuned this model, you *know* that the notes above the break need a LOT or aural touch up, they need to be sharper as the AI resulting tuning shows.

iRCT has several primary software components; Chameleon , CyberEar , Tuning Graph , PTG Exam scoring and Aural Tutor


[iChameleon] [iCh3 advanced]

CyberEar & Tuning Graph

[TuningMode window] [CyberEar window] [CyberEar window]

New! Custom Equalizer

[Custom EQ]

Piano Technicians Guild RPT Exam Scoring

[Exam Chart] [Exam Chart] [Exam Chart]

Aural Tutor

[Aural Tutor]


File sharing using iTunes

[iRCT file share]

CyberCare subscription

iRCT includes one free year of CyberCare subscription. CyberCare enables premium mode (ability to tune all 88 notes), CyberCloud A440 auto-calibration, and covers all new upgrades and support during the subscription period. After one year the subscription cost is $84.99 USD per year (price is similar but varies in other currencies), discount available for multiple year purchase, FREE CyberCare subscriptions are avialable if you refer a colleague or help us improve iRCT, see the CyberCare page for details. If your CyberCare Subscription lapses, iRCT will continue to function in original Standard mode (ability to tune a 13 note temperament from A3 to A4) .

Why CyberCare? In the past on older platforms we released major new versions every year or two with typical upgrade costs of 10% to 25% of the orginal software license cost. CyberCare takes the place of these upgrade costs and makes sure your license is always up-to-date, and runs on the latest Apple iOS and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In past or with other software, when users had to purchase new hardware, an expensive upgrade would often be needed at the same time as hardware purchase; the timing couldn't be worse. With CyberCare our users will never have to pay extra for software upgrades.

Our company plans to continue offering the best software tuning device and best support in the professional piano tuning software business for many years to come, CyberCare insures that we'll be there, providing support and upgrades and protecting your pro tuning software investment.

Put another way, when's the last time you purchased some software, computer or other hardware with significant technology, simply to have that investment degraded or made obsolete a month, a year or two years later? CyberCare makes sure that can't happen by protecting your investment. CyberCare is our solution to "future-proof" CyberTuner, making sure you always have the latest RCT technology and software compatibilty.

Support: We have support teams based in the USA, Japan and Europe who speak the local language and are all working piano tuners using iRCT professionally to tune pianos. CyberCare supports our team of profressional piano technicians, all of whom are PTG/RPT certified or equivalent.

CyberTuner for iOS is the only pro piano tuning device which is built for Apple's iOS 10~15, takes full advantage of the iPhone 5, 6 , 7 and 8, Plus size larger iPhone screens, iPhone X, 64 bit cpu, OpenGL and GPU hardware. We promptly keep iRCT up-to-date for our users to run on the latest Apple iOS hardware and operating systems. CyberCare funds this development!

CyberCare can be purchased "in-app" for your convenience, or you can purchase muliple years at a discount online on the CyberCare page. CyberTuner users can earn FREE CyberCare by referring a colleague, reporting bugs, suggesting changes etc... See the CyberCare page for details.

System requirements for iRCT

Apple iOS 10.0 or later device. Optimized and tested on iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, plus and iOS 10~15. iPhone 5, iPod touch 6 or later. 16gb recommended. Occasional mobile phone or wifi connection to the internet required to calibrate A440 and confirm CyberCare subscription. iRCT is now a NATIVE iPad app!

Availability and Installation

iRCT is now available from from Apple's iOS App Store. Purchase iRCT using your iOS device or on any computer with iTunes installed. iRCT can be moved quickly and easily moved from one compatible iOS device to another, calibrating and restoring in one or two minutes. A CyberTuner license is available for purchase, download and support, except for those countries on whose App Store it is not listed.

Each iRCT copy is a single user license for one piano tuner's use, although it may be installed on up to 5 iOS devices at a time as a backup. See the End User License Agreement for complete details.

Q: Which should I choose, iPhone, iPod or iPad?

A: If you're unsure, we recommend the latest iPod Touch, or iPad mini. These models haves a low initial cost and no phone contract. If you don't have occasional access to wifi, an iPhone or iPad with mobile phone connection may be the best choice. If you later decide on an iPhone or full-size iPad, your iPod or iPad mini is a great backup device! However, if you need a new smart phone, we can recommend the iPhone 6/7/8 as a great choice. iRCT is fully integrated into iOS. You can take a phone call or text while tuning with no problem.

Q: How to I obtain support for iRCT?

A: Although you download an iRCT copy from Apple, support is provided by Reyburn Piano Service, Inc and associates, similar to previous RCT software. Support for iRCT is provided in Dutch, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Norwegian/Swedish and Spanish by our network of RCT specialists. All iRCT support is provided by PTG-RPT qualified professional piano technicians who are also iRCT users. Link to the iRCT support page below.

RCT iRCT Support page.


Q: How do I purchase and install iRCT?

For complete step-by-step written instructions see: iRCT Easy Install page.

For easy step-by-step iRCT installation see our six minute YouTube video:

o YouTube Video: Installing iRCT from the App Store

Reyburn CyberTuner for Apple iOS (iRCT) Terms and Conditions
CyberTuner for Apple iOS (iRCT) is sold by Apple through iTunes and the App Store and is subject to iTunes Store Terms and Conditions.

All items purchased direct from RPS, Inc. have a 30 day money back guarantee to those in the piano tuning trade.

Fine Print: iRCT is software, iOS hardware not included. Specifications and features subject to change without notice.
iRCT includes a FREE one year CyberCare Subscription. After that a yearly $84.99 CyberCare subscription service (price varies in other currencies) covers all updates and new features, CyberCloud automatic A440 calibration, ability to tune all 88 notes, and toll-free (USA/Canada) phone and internet software support.

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