Deactivating Pocket RCT Quick and Easy

You will need:

1. Your SentinelKey (SD, micro-SD or CF card).

2. The Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) device to which Pocket RCT is activated.

To deactivate Pocket RCT:

1. Insert your SentinelKey into the Pocket PC's slot.

2. Go to Start menu > Settings > System tab > Remove Programs then select "Reyburn Piano Service, Inc. Pocket RCT" and tap Remove.

After removal and deactivation is complete, you'll see an 8 digit Deactivation Code. Carefully write it down and save it.

If you don't get an 8 digit deactivation code, please reinstall Pocket RCT and try to activate. Then, deactivate again. Occasionally it takes two tries.

See the links below for detailed instructions:

How to install Pocket RCT.

How to deactivate if your Pocket PC is functional.

How to deactivate if your Pocket PC is broken (or hard to deactivate).

Need further assistance? Please see the free Pocket RCT Support web page at:

Pocket RCT Support page