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Frequently asked questions about the CyberCare annual subscription.

o Who can purchase a CyberCare subscription?

You must already have purchased a copy of CyberTuner for iOS and have registered the software, and be in a country we support. Please note that CyberTuner may not be available all countries. CyberTuner use requires occasional (once a month) connection to the internet to calibrate A440 and confirm CyberCare subscription.

o What does the iRCT yearly subscription include?

The subscription includes:
1. All new version upgrades, upgraded features and bug fixes.
2. Unlimited internet support in eight languages. All RCT support persons are PTG RPT's or equivalent!
2. Toll free phone support is included in the USA and Canada.
3. CyberCloud automatic A440 calibration and mobile registration (move iRCT easily from one iOS device to another in one or two minutes).
4. Access to the "Premium" version with advanced features. See below for "Standard" version description.
Benefits are for the subscription period chosen (1, 2 or 3 years).
Purchasing a longer subscription period will save you money over the long run.

A further discussion of the hows and whys of CyberCare are on the iRCT page.

o How long does it take to activate my new subscription?

If the paypal purchase is made using a credit card, the new subscription should be credited to your account within about 24 to 48 hours, assuming you identify the account which should be credited.

Paypal purchased subscriptions must be credited manually, in rare cases we may not be notified of a sale. Please email us if your subscription is not updated within 48 hours.

If you purchase from a paypal email other than your iRCT ID email, please identify which iRCT user's account should be credited in the paypal purchase instructions or note to seller. For example, first and last name, iRCT ID email or iRCT serial number. After purchasing by paypal, you can check your subscription in CyberTuner's About/Subscription page.

If you use an "echeck" please plan at least a week for the echeck to clear, plus two business days to activate.

CyberCare can also be purchased as an "in-app purchase" in the CyberTuner app. Only a one year subscription is available using in-app purchase. In-app purchases are available immediately.

o What happens if I don't renew my CyberCare subscription?

iRCT will continue to run, and be updated. However it will run in "Standard" mode, only able to tune 13 notes from A3 to A4 until the subscription is renewed.

o Is there a way to get a free CyberCare subscription?

Yes! CyberTuner initially includes one free year of CyberCare. There are a number of ways to get an additional FREE CyberCare one-year subscripton:

1. If you recommend CyberTuner to a colleague and they purchase a copy, please fill out the Referral Web Form within 90 days of the referred purchase.

2. If you are a CyberTuner for iOS user, send us a suggestion for a new feature or how to reproduce a significant bug which affects usability. If yours is the first contact and we use the suggestion, or fix the significant (tier 1 or 2 which affect critical function) bug, you'll earn a free subscription.

We love constructive criticism! But please PLEASE send us suggestions directly by email only, either directly or use our Support Web Form . If you're submitting an idea for an new feature, please be very specific and define the feature as precisely as possible. Screen shots often help. We're only able to award credit for specific, not general suggestions.

To get credit for a suggestion, that idea has to actually be implemented in a future CyberTuner version. In some cases we may credit you ahead of time if it's a really great idea and/or we're sure that we'll implement the feature.

How NOT to submit ideas, suggestions or bug reports for credit: (these will disqualify your report for any credit!)
A. Phone tech support is for helping you fix immediate issues. Suggestions & bug reports will often be lost in translation. You may submit bug reports or suggestions by phone if you wish, but please don't expect any credit for phone submissions.
B. PLEASE DON'T use App Store ratings. If you include criticism or suggestions on the App Store, we can't identify you, probably won't see it, and we are not able to respond on the App Store.
C. Please be very specific in your suggestions or bug reports, and submit reports in written form - by email preferably.
D. Bug reports must be for the latest App Store release (those versions have an "f" for final release). Reports on beta versions do not qualify for credit (with a "t" for test in the version),

Please submit ideas, bug reports, or suggestions for new features by email or support web form only so you'll get credit you deserve!

Note: To receive credit we will normally require that you test and approve the "fixed" beta version using Apple's "TestFlight" app.

3. CyberTuner is very stable and rarely crashes (unexpectedly exits). However we're happy to award a free 1 year CyberCare subscription if you send us a crash report for a new issue we've never seen from the latest App Store version, running the latest major iOS version. Directions for crash reporting:

iRCT Crash report directions for Windows and MacOSX

4. If you are the first to write a 5 star review for your country's iTunes App Store. The review must be positive, and detailed in your own words (at least 50 words). Please don't include constructive criticism in your review, instead email that to us directly.

Fine print:
Applications for free CyberCare subscriptions must be made within 30 days of the above event and are subject to above guidelines and final management approval. Phoning tech support with suggestions or bug reports automatically disqualifies you from any credit. To receive credit you must apply by email or by using the referral or support web forms. Free CyberCare subscriptions must be applied for and approved by email (not phone).

o What are the limitations of the "Standard" iRCT verison?

In the iRCT Standard mode (without subscription) CyberEar will tune a 13 note temperament from A3 to A4. All other Chameleon, CyberEar and Tuning file functions are fully enabled. New iRCT versions can be downloaded from the App Store.

o Are there any upgrade charges other than the subscription fee?

No. All Reyburn CyberTuner for iOS (iRCT) new version upgrades and new features which are released during a subscription period are included at no extra charge in Premium version. There are some add-ons to iRCT which will be available as a separate purchase, see below.

o Are there any optional accessories or add-ons for iRCT?

1. Our popular CyberStand is available now to iRCT users at a discounted price of $99 USD plus shipping. See the RCT Store main page
2. An updated version of the RCT Ten Styles Tuning Library with 3600+ calculated tuning records is available for $199.00 USD.

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